Saturday, December 25, 2010


So I realize that I am not very good at keeping up with this blog. But, let me plead my case. For the better part of this last month, the Mister’s parents have been staying with us. You see, he has been playing and his parents have never missed a game in his life. So supportive. Which is great. However....we live in a studio apartment. With one bathroom. One bed. One couch...Four People...Get where I’m going with this? It has been a long month. So any alone time I had was spent curled in the fetal position with a cup of coffee in one hand and a Bud Light in the other. Don’t judge me. There... I think that was a pretty justified excuse? 

For the record, I do love the Mister's parents
They are incredible, and support us like you wouldn't believe.
But, I do love alone time, too.
And....strong coffee.
In the meantime, I have been doing a great deal of Christmas shopping and had fun cramming as many Christmas decorations into our tiny apartment as I could. It was like VEGAS in our home. SO fun. Speaking of Vegas, I am currently on a flight home to Colorado as we speak! I am so excited to see family and spend time with my friends!! And I am currently drinking airplane coffee, which is surprisingly yummy. Kudos, Southwest. 
But what about the Mister, you ask? Well the Mister is playing in Cincinnati on Sunday and he leaves VERY early on Saturday morning. Saturday being Christmas day. SO rather than spending Christmas morning alone, in an airport I said, “Babe, I love you. I’m leaving and never looking back. Adios”
Okay, so not really. But I did leave him. 
Before you start scolding me, we had our Christmas last night and it was wonderful. I made a delicious roast with fried onions on top and creamy mashed potatoes with green chillis. Then we opened presents and spoiled the shit (Sorry, Grammy) out of each other. It’s what we do. Leaving him this morning at the airport was a lot harder than I expected. But I am so looking forward to seeing my family and spending Xmas with them!! AND I also get to see their faces when they open their gifts from us, which will be wonderful! 

While I am home I have so much to do...I think this calls for a list...? 
  1. Drink coffee with mom, grammy, myself...lots of coffee.
  2. Eat. 
  3. Spend time with my bestest friend ever, Ms. Bessie
  4. Soak up as much Grammy time as I possibly can
  5. Stare at the mountains
  6. Play with my new camera
  7. Drink coffee
Should be a GREAT week. AND, the Mister plays in Denver on the second, so there will be football watching, too! Go Bolts! :) 
I promise, that I will be better about keeping up with this! Season is coming to an end...which means alone time will be a more constant occurrence. Can I get an amen?! 
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Short Ribs, Love, and Hippos

Warning: The following, way-too-long-post, is pretty mushy and romantic. I will not be offended if you immediately click the "Back" button! 

Monday was the third anniversary for the Mister and I. It has been the bumpiest year of all time; not just in our relationship but in my personal life and his as well. We have grown together so much this year, and learning to be supportive of each other has been the biggest lesson. There were many days in this past year when I have wanted to find a corner, grab my snuggie, curl up and just cry. But I knew he needed me to be strong for him, so I pulled myself out of it, put on my "It's all guna be fine face," (which REQUIRES waterproof mascara) and made 4 pots of coffee. And he has done just the same for me. Well, not the coffee part, he knows not to touch my coffee, but I know that if I need him, he is right by my side. 
{Speaking of my lover, I am currently enjoying an iced americano from Starbucks. Now...I don't typically drink iced coffee, however I walked here and became so sweaty that I think the people sitting around me would appreciate if I cooled off. So, iced coffee it is.}
Back to anniversary talk- So, I had been planning to make a wonderful anniversary meal for the Mister. When, I came across Pioneer Woman's "beef short ribs" recipe it was as if lights shown down from the anniversary gods and a voice said, "This shall be what you make." Now, I had never made, eaten or even seen beef short ribs, but that was beside the point. They looked delicious and there is no arguing with voices you hear from the anniversary gods. You just listen and obey, so I did. 

Beef Short Ribs
Creamy Garlic Mashed Taters
Corn Bread 
Veggies? Ha! Have you met my Mister? No, no veggies.

This was before it went in the oven for 3 1/2 hours
Yes, that is bacon, on top of ribs, don't judge me, I followed the recipe.

 For those who don't know me, I make cards and scrapbook. And if you have one of my cards, you're welcome. I know its awesome. Did you frame it? Put it on display? Cause I would do that. Maybe, shine a light on it?.... Just sayin'.          
      This is the card I made the Mister...
I really like how it turned out. It opens up, I didn't take an inside picture though. 
 Kinda hard to read, but it says, 
"Being in LOVE with you is my favorite thing"

I had everything ready for when the Mister walked in the door after a hard day of practice. And with him he had roses and a gift certificate to Barnes & Nobles. I asked for two books, and he decided rather than search the bookstore (These things can be intimidating for a big football player), he would just let me do the picking! So, with the roses as my (not so center) centerpiece, here is the table!

The Ribs were AMAZING. So tender and juicy.
The "rib sauce" was incredible on the taters. 
I had planned on making Monkey Bread for dessert, but we decided that going for ice cream was a better idea. So, we went to Baskin' Robbins where I got coffee ice cream in a waffle cone bowl, and when I tasted it, I passed out and dropped to the floor. Then, the Mister kicked me awake and I finished my ice cream in one bite. Needless to say, I really like coffee ice cream. After that we went home and played Scrabble and watched a movie.
{Why are you laughing? Yes, we actually played Scrabble. 
Yes, we have a Scrabble board. Yes, it was my idea. 
I love making the tiles perfectly straight. 
Yes I have to beg him to play with me... 
No, I didn't win...
I don't want to talk about Scrabble anymore.}

Sorry, the mushy anniversary talk isn't over yet. I warned you. It went on to Tuesday, because Tuesdays are the ONE day of the week that I have the Mister home ALL DAY. And usually he wants to sit on the couch, watch movies, eat cream of wheat, and do absolutely nothing. 
(Have I mentioned that I HATE making cream of wheat? 
I hate it, I hate stirring the milk and cleaning the ridiculously sticky pot.
But the Mister loves it. 
And I love the Mister, so I make it.
But, for the record, I hate cream of wheat.} 
So, on Tuesdays, I have to beg, and whine and annoy him just enough to get him off the couch and then we follow the plans I made 4 days ago. It's what I do. This Tuesday, I decided we should go to the San Diego Zoo and we did. I win! :) It was a BLAST! That place is huge, we were there for 5 hours! We went straight for the Hippos, because they are my most, absolute favorite animal in the world. Spent a good 20 minutes there talking to them through the very dirty glass in my most perfect Hippo voice. (Similar to my puppy voice, but just a hair different.) The Mister sat patiently on the benches waiting for me to shut up, then we walked around the rest of the zoo, rode the Gondola, looked at many wonderful animals, and saw a Gorilla fight (way cool).

Not a great picture, but c'mon, look at him. 
You just wanna wrap your arms around him and put a big smooch on his nose. 
No? Just me? Whatever. I love him. 

There were beautiful trees behind us, but my camera decided it wanted to ruin everything.
Thanks, camera.
It was a really great two-day anniversary, and I really love that boy. Hard to believe its been 3 years since we met. But, it's been an amazing 3 years and regardless of what city we are in, or what paths we take, I will always have this Mister by my side, cream of wheat on the stove, coffee by the potful, and weekend (Or Tuesday) plans brewin' in my head. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feeling Lucky.

Not the kind of lucky where I think I need to run to Vegas and spend all my money. I'm feeling really lucky today because, my life is pretty great. I think at times I let myself get consumed with stress and plans and... lists. If I could, I would list the steps to making coffee everyday just so I could check them off as I went. But if I let myself make a list for that.... the list making would never end. Maybe I could make a list of all the things I could make lists for? And now I'm getting carried away. 

Anyways, back on track. As I said, I let myself get consumed with lists and plans and expectations and eventually, I get stressed out and have me a little breakdown. Then I make myself a cup (a pot) of coffee, make a kissy face to the Mister, get a kiss, relax and start making new plans and lists. It's really a vicious cycle, but it's who I am. The end.
{I am not a control freak. Really, I'm not. I'm a loosey goosey...}

This morning, I am sitting here. 
Work out-done
Today Show-on
Ridiculous list of morning routine-done. 
And I was just overcome with a sense of...."lucky". I would have never guess that I would be living in California because some guy asked me to follow him around the country as he chased his dreams, but here I am. And I love my life, I really do. The coffee is hot and life is good. I love my family and friends. And....          
I'm in love with the Mister. 
Who wouldn't be? Look at that face
This is the face he makes when I try to plan our weekends 4 days in advance.

I'm happy. I'm lucky. I think I need to remind myself that more often.
{ I'll just add it to my To-Do list.} 


Friday, October 1, 2010

My love affair.

Drinking: Starbucks Americano with a splash of milk.

Growing up, coffee was always around. My mom is a coffee drinker, as are my Grammy and all of my mom's sisters. At every family function there was always a coffee pot being passed around the table. When we were at Grammy's it was coffee from a percolator. Sleep overs at her house meant my sister and I would be woken up at 5am by the sound of a coffee grinder followed by the sound of coffee perking (perching?..percing?) That sound still comforts me, (NOT the coffee grinder, but the percolator) and makes me think of being in Grammy's house.

{Grammy will be a frequent topic of conversation. She is amazing. The end.}

As a kiddo, I did not understand how anyone could drink the awful black liquid; it was bitter, icky, and never, ever tasted like it smelled. Oh, how things changed when I got to college. The obsession started with instant coffee. (Ew). I would boil water in the microwave and choke it down before studying on nights before exams. Then the cravings began. Slowly it became a regular part of my studying routine. Then, when I would visit home and the coffee was passed around, I would get a mug and partake in the bitter, icky black liquid. (Which was beginning to taste like it smelled).

I knew something was different when I went to Starbucks and ordered just a plain coffee. I felt as though I was cheating on my white chocolate mocha, but... I just wanted coffee. Then, I got a real coffee maker. And my life ended. Addiction is a funny thing*, it creeps up on you. And that is exactly what happened. Before I knew it, I was drinking coffee every morning, and then... I needed coffee every morning.

{*I do not think addiction is a funny thing, being addicted to anything other than coffee, and maybe peanut butter, is a scary thing.}

Now, coffee is a huge part of my life. It is not just a beverage to me, it is part of my personality. The best part of being at home, with my parents, is being able to have coffee with my mom. We could probably clear out the coffee section of a grocery store in a weekend. We have a bond through coffee, it is a constant, a routine that just makes me feel comfortable, content and at home.

Camping. We had Starbucks' Via on hand. Lots of it.

 And any trip home isn't complete unless I visit Grammy and have "percolator coffee" with her. In my head, and in my taste-buds, percolator coffee is a million times better than regular brewed coffee. It just tastes... richer and fuller. It tastes like Grammy's house. 

{I had a percolator once. Then I lost the cord. And you can't buy just a cord. And I don't want to buy a new percolator just for the cord. It's a tough subject...I'd rather not talk about it.} 

There are mornings when the only thing that will get me out of the bed, is the thought of what the apartment will smell like after I start the coffee. There is nothing like walking into a house and smelling freshly brewed coffee. This may be the reason why I spend a lot of time at Starbucks. It just smells like... home/heaven. There is a Starbucks in Fort Collins, Colorado that I like to think I kept in business while in college. You're welcome, Campus West Starbucks. 

My love affair with coffee is not a light subject. It is a very serious issue. That Boy I Love doesn't understand. But he does know that coffee keeps me happy, and I think that's pretty easy.

 Maybe I need help? An intervention? 
I'll look into it after I get another cup of coffee. 


Friday, September 24, 2010

Coffee in hand... Ready... set... go!

And so it begins....
I am here, starting a blog because my wonderful friend Kassie suggested to me that I start one. So, we'll see how it goes, maybe it will be therapeutic... ha. 

I am sarcastic, nice, hard-working and I crack myself up. Laughing at myself is a full time job, usually I am the only one laughing at my jokes, but damn am I funny. I try very hard to be optimistic, and while this makes my boyfriend and most people in my life crazy- I am a planner. I make lists for absolutely everything. And if something doesn't go accordingly... I will have myself a little nervous breakdown. And then I'll get over it, and start making a new list/plan. It's what I do.

I am currently having a few questions about this life that I have found myself in. In my heart I am a teacher. Some people know that they are meant to be doctors, priests, animal psychics... but me? I am meant to be a teacher. I've known since the age of five that I would be a teacher...
{You see, when I was in kindergarten, my teacher wrote on an overhead projector and I just could not believe how amazingly smooth it looked when she wrote...I just wanted to be up there writing on that dang thing... and there began my dream to be a teacher. And, no matter how outdated it is, I WILL use an overhead projector in my classroom}

I have also always known that, being a native, I would live in Colorado. There is nothing bad about the state of Colorado. Who wouldn't love having four different seasons, having the mountains to look at (and act as a permanent compass), or living with the friendliest people in the world?
{There may be friendly people, seasons and mountains elsewhere, but that's irrelevant right now}

However, I am living in San Diego, and currently have no job. I am writing from a Starbucks patio. 
{You will come to see that I work coffee into everything. It's more important to me than oxygen}

I am in love. 
{Yes, with coffee, however that's not what I'm referring to here} 
And this love has brought me to San Diego, has taken me away from teaching, family, the mountains, and friends; he is "the one". I have been following him and his career for the last year. What does he do...?

We no longer live here. 

He is a football player, and we have been in four cities in the last 11 months. While this is a dream come true for him, and I could not be happier that he has the opportunity to play, it is incredibly hard on a relationship and on the girlfriend. But, I will complain and whine about all that another time.

Love is a funny thing.
Love is a hard thing.
Love is a four letter word.