Friday, September 24, 2010

Coffee in hand... Ready... set... go!

And so it begins....
I am here, starting a blog because my wonderful friend Kassie suggested to me that I start one. So, we'll see how it goes, maybe it will be therapeutic... ha. 

I am sarcastic, nice, hard-working and I crack myself up. Laughing at myself is a full time job, usually I am the only one laughing at my jokes, but damn am I funny. I try very hard to be optimistic, and while this makes my boyfriend and most people in my life crazy- I am a planner. I make lists for absolutely everything. And if something doesn't go accordingly... I will have myself a little nervous breakdown. And then I'll get over it, and start making a new list/plan. It's what I do.

I am currently having a few questions about this life that I have found myself in. In my heart I am a teacher. Some people know that they are meant to be doctors, priests, animal psychics... but me? I am meant to be a teacher. I've known since the age of five that I would be a teacher...
{You see, when I was in kindergarten, my teacher wrote on an overhead projector and I just could not believe how amazingly smooth it looked when she wrote...I just wanted to be up there writing on that dang thing... and there began my dream to be a teacher. And, no matter how outdated it is, I WILL use an overhead projector in my classroom}

I have also always known that, being a native, I would live in Colorado. There is nothing bad about the state of Colorado. Who wouldn't love having four different seasons, having the mountains to look at (and act as a permanent compass), or living with the friendliest people in the world?
{There may be friendly people, seasons and mountains elsewhere, but that's irrelevant right now}

However, I am living in San Diego, and currently have no job. I am writing from a Starbucks patio. 
{You will come to see that I work coffee into everything. It's more important to me than oxygen}

I am in love. 
{Yes, with coffee, however that's not what I'm referring to here} 
And this love has brought me to San Diego, has taken me away from teaching, family, the mountains, and friends; he is "the one". I have been following him and his career for the last year. What does he do...?

We no longer live here. 

He is a football player, and we have been in four cities in the last 11 months. While this is a dream come true for him, and I could not be happier that he has the opportunity to play, it is incredibly hard on a relationship and on the girlfriend. But, I will complain and whine about all that another time.

Love is a funny thing.
Love is a hard thing.
Love is a four letter word.

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  1. Can't wait to read more of your blog. I too, love coffee!